Product Advantages
Agile and easy to use
High energy and low consumption
Customized Development
Reliable and high concurrency
Medical IoT solutions
Industrial IoT solutions
Intelligent manufacturing
IoT solutions
AiCloud system solutions
Alinket is  a  leading  technology  company  focusing  on  providing integrated solutions  in  the   space   of   internet   of   things   (IoT), including IoT controllers, IoT middleware, cloud  access  technology and  comprehensive  application  technology  as  a  whole.   As   a frontrunner in internet of things technology, it actively promotes the development   of   IoT   applications    for   medical   and   industrial purposes. Alinket’s different products possess multiple patents and have   passed   a   number  of  quality  certifications,  including  the ISO9001   quality   system   certification   and   the  FCC  and   CE certification. Various medical equipment  and  solution  suppliers in China have  adopted  Alinket   products.   The   key   markets   for self-connecting devices include but  are  not   limited   to   medical electronics,  industrial  equipment,   precision   instruments   and music instruments.


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